256GB iPhone XS Max Costs Apple $443 To Make

iPhone XS

Apple’s new iPhones are their most expensive to date, the iPhone XS Starts at $99 and the iPhone XS Max $1099.

Apple is thought to be making a healthy profit on this years devices and now we have some details on how much these devices cost Apple.

According to a recent report by tech Insights the 256GB iPhone XS Max costs Apple $443 in components, this model of the iPhone retails for $1,249.

Of course the estimated $443 is just for parts and assembly it does not include other costs like marketing, distribution etc. You can see a breakdown of these costs below from Tech Insights compared to the iPhone X.

The OLED display on this years iPhone XS Max is the most expensive part with an estimate cost of $72, the majority of the other components are also more expensive than last years model.

It looks like Apple is making a health profit on each iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max handset, the 256GB model with the 6.5 inch display is rumored to be the one everyone is buying.

Source Tech Insightss

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