Apple’s iOS 13 now on 50% of devices

iOS 13

Apple has revealed that their new iOS 13 software is now installed on 50% of iOS devices and it is also installed on 55% of all iOS devices that have launched within the last four years.

Around 41% of iOS devices are still running the iOS 12 software and around 9% of users are running older versions of the OS.

Apple release iOS 13 back in September, adoption of the OS is apparently on par with the release of iOS 12 last year.

There were a number of bugs included in the release of iOS 13 so we have seen a number of regular updates to the OS since launch to address these, the most recent one was earlier this week.

Apple is also working on iOS 13.2 which is expected to be released some time in November, we have already had a number of betas of the software this month.

Source MacRumors

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