BeraShield smartphone battery case and protection system

BeraShield smartphone battery case

Damaging your expensive smartphone is never a great experience but even some of the more expensive cases provide very little protection when dropped from over waist height. Smart Guardians has created a new multifunctional smartphone case that not only protects your smartphone but also can be quickly equipped with a secondary “bidirectional wireless waterproof battery”. watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the strong titanium smartphone case that offers true wireless battery charging.

BeraShield smartphone battery case

Constructed from aerospace titanium the lightweight case design provides a strong and unbreakable casing which also includes credit card slots, ultra slim design and “military grade safety” say it’s creators. Launched via Kickstarter this week the smartphone case is now available to early bird backers with pledges starting from $78 or roughly £61.

“The BeraShield Case is ergonomically designed to allow you to feel your phone as is while protecting it completely. The Berashield case made of 1mm sheet Aerospace Grade titanium, which is extraordinary corrosion resistance, the lightest and hardest metal in the world. The Berashield case is thinner and lighter than other smartphone cases that are certified as Military Grade Drop Protection. In addition, patented special heat treatment technology applied to pure titanium metal does not disturb mobile phone signal at all.”

For more details and full specifications on the titanium smartphone case jump over to the official campaign page by following the link below. If all goes well backers can expect to start receiving their BeraShield smartphone cases during January/ February 2019.

Source: Kickstarter

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