CarBridge Released For iOS Allowing Access To All The Apps In CarPlay Including Google, Waze, Netflix, Fortnite

We have already had the confirmation from Apple that the iOS users will now be able to use the third-party maps applications such as Google Maps and Waze in Carplay if they are running iOS 12 on their device. However, this functionality will be available later in the year and only those with jailbroken iOS devices can be able to enjoy all the action right away. Yes, a jailbreak tweak CarBridge now allows you to enjoy access to these Carplay apps and many others.

You can get Carbridge from directly or through on Cydia. The tweak will cost you $4.99 and allows you to run everything through CarPlay no matter what restrictions might be in place from Apple.

So, you won’t just be able to use Waze or Google Maps now, but can also enjoy playing Fortnite as well as watching YouTube/Netflix. In fact, you can use almost any app that you can name right from your car’s dash.

Even though we’d never recommend you to play Fortnite in your car, or watch YouTube/Netflix, but the ability to use Google Maps or Waze right away cutting down all the wait for the iOS 12 is something that you’d love.

Besides the third-party applications, the tweak also comes with Portal app that allows you to control the interface of the device that you have connected with the help of head unit.

For now, the tweak offers compatibility with all the jailbroken versions of iOS starting from iOS 10.0 and going all the way up to iOS 11.4. So, that means you have most of the bases covered.

If you have recently used Electra to jailbreak your iPhone, then you must take a look at CarBridge. With more than a year spent on its development, the tweak really gives you exactly what it promises.

The CarPlay from Apple is gaining traction continuously and while we may not be able to move a needle on adopting CarPlay, both Apple and jailbreakers have realized that its success is based around the ability of using more and more third-party applications. The new tweak is exactly the same and we’d love to see what Apple has to offer to the CarPlay users as we move forward.

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