Future Apple iPhone Could Feature A Foldable Display

Apple iPhone X

The new iPhone X is Apple’s first iPhone to come with an OLED display. Apple may also be planning to launch future Apple iPhones with a flexible OLED or foldable OLED didsplay.

We already know that Samsung  and ZTE are working on a foldable smartphone and now according to a recent report, Apple are working with LG for a foldable iPhone.

The news comes in a report from The Investor who has revealed that Apple and LG are developing a foldable display for a future smartphone. At the moment, Samsung currently supplies the OLED panels for Apple’s new iPhone X.

LG has apparently now set up a team of engineers to develop this new flexible display foe Apple and we may not see the device until 2020. Samsung is expected to launch their flexible smartphone in 2018.

As yet there are no details on any other specifications on this new iPhone,if the device does not launch until 2020, then we will see a couple of other new Apple iPhones before this foldable iPhone is released.

Source The Investor

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