ShiftCam iPhone 11 camera lens system enhances your creative photography further

ShiftCam iphone 11 camera lens

The new Apple iPhone 11 smartphone already comes with an excellent selection of lenses, but if you would like to push these even further then the ShiftCam iPhone 11 camera lens system may be worth more investigation. The iPhone 11 camera lens case allows you to switch between additional lenses in less than a second, providing even more creativity for smartphone photographers.

IPhone 11 camera lens

The ShiftCam Multi-Lens Case is a compact, integrated multi-lens iPhone case, now available for the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, that switches lenses in fractions of a second, adding unparalleled versatility and quality to your iPhone 11 and 11 Pro cameras.

Capture the perfect photos and angles instantly with different focal lengths, filters and focus distances all available in a single, simple shift on ShiftCam’s integrated all-in-one sliding lens case. Rated the best iPhone lens quality by Tom’s Guide, ShiftCam lenses boast incredible clarity, superior sharpness, and phenomenal accuracy. Your memories have never looked better.”

Launched via Indiegogo the crowdfunding campaign has already blasted past its required pledge goal and has over 680 backers with still 30 days left remaining on the campaign. Check out the video below to learn more about its selection of lenses and features.

Source: Indiegogo

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