Top 10 Antivirus Apps For iPhone, iPad

iPhones are considered among the best smartphones around from the security perspective. Still, with privacy shrinking and attackers constantly finding out new options for accessing your personal info stored on your device, it may not be possible for you to keep your iPhone completely secure at all times. So, it is inevitable that you think about some sort of security apps and options for making sure that your iPhone remains safe and sound. There are plenty of antivirus software available today but you really need to make sure that you go with the best ones around. To help you out with your pick, here we have listed 10 best antivirus apps for iPhone each of which comes with a unique set of security features to deliver ultimate security on your idevice.

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  • MobiShield
  • Avira
  • McAfee Security
  • Norton Mobile Security
  • Lookout Mobile Security
  • Trend Micro Mobile Security
  • VirusDetector Pro
  • Protection For iPhone
  • F-Secure Safe
  • Virus Barrier

10 Best Antivirus Apps For iPhone

So, let’s take a look at the features of these best antivirus apps for iPhone and give you a chance to evaluate which one you should go with.

  1. MobiShield

It’s a paid app that gives your iPhone all the protection it needs against any type of cyber attacks. Nevertheless, you don’t have to pay too much and overall it’s quite a cheap app that comes with some interesting features that are worth paying for. Getting an update in May this year, MobiShield knows all the potential latest threats and gives you everything you need for keeping your iPhone safe.

Top 10 Antivirus Apps For iPhone

Some of the worth considering features of this app include:

  • Security updates whether your iPhone is infected or not
  • Backup and recovery of contacts whenever needed
  • Scan the networks that you connect your iPhone to for ensuring they’re virus-free

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to spend a whole fortune for buying MobiShield as it is available for only $1.39.

  1. Avira

Avira is amongst some new antivirus apps that can be found at App Store. Avira comes equipped with Device Analyzer which displays your current storage and memory position. There’s an Identity Safeguard feature that keeps a check on your emails and makes sure that nothing malicious can get into your device. With plenty of amazing features, Avira really deserves to be in top 5 and is worth an install.

Avira-Top 10 Antivirus Apps For iPhone

Let’s take a look at some other features of this Antivirus for iPhone. Avira gives you:

  • A slick interface that is quite easy in terms of use
  • Identity Checker for ensuring authorized access to your iPhone
  • Scan and alert features for keeping malicious software at bay
  • A website feature for calling your lost device
  • iOS update alerts to make sure you’re not lagging behind
  • ‘Yell’ feature for sounding an alarm for finding the lost devices
  1. McAfee Security

McAfee Security-Top 10 Antivirus Apps For iPhone

McAfee really is one renowned name when it comes to anti viruses and it really takes perfect security measures for iPhone users as well. The antivirus they are offering for iPhones is completely free and offers ultimate protection against malicious software in today’s insecure online world.

McAfee Security offers:

  • A pin which you can use for locking photo albums as well as videos. This will ensure that they’re private and safe
  • A “Secure Snap” album which protects all your stuff inside and makes sure whatever is inside does not appear in regular photo album of your iPhone
  • Remote wiping of contacts whenever needed
  • A contacts backup which you can restore in case of getting your device damaged
  • Location services for the lost device
  1. Norton Mobile Security

Norton is a market leader when it comes to the best free antivirus for iPhone as well as for iPad. And if you haven’t heard of it before then you must be new to the world of technology. The company has introduced plenty of antivirus software products over time that all have been known to deliver best quality results. With Norton Mobile Security, you get all the excellence from Norton right to your iPhone and iPad. It is available for free on iTunes App Store.

Norton Mobile Security-Top 10 Antivirus Apps For iPhone

Let’s take a look at what Norton Mobile Security helps you achieve. It allows you to:

  • Find your lost iPhone with the help of location settings
  • Backup your contacts and recover them when needed
  • Move contacts between different devices making it easy for you to switch iPhones
  • Use alarm feature to find your lost iPhone. The feature is named as “Scream” in the software
  1. Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security is a free antivirus app that offers the kind of security you need on your iPhone. There is a paid version available as well but the free one isn’t too bad either. Obviously, you get some extras with the paid tool but if you are okay with the ones that come for free then, probably, there is no need to spend money on getting the extras. Nevertheless, paid tool will offer some sort of better security on your iOS device.

Using this antivirus app for iPhone, you can be:

  • Backup all your personal stuff including photos, videos and contacts
  • Determine last location of the iPhone before it died
  • Get alerts on all the latest iOS updates as soon as they are available
  • Download any personal data on new device from a backup

Using it on your Apple Watch and iPhone together will allow you to make the most of its lost phone feature as it allows you to call directly to your iPhone and determine its location.

  1. Trend Micro Mobile Security

It’s a free antivirus for iPad and iPhone that expects to be in the league of the majors soon. Trend Micro have also offered their antivirus software for computers as well but here we’ll be looking at the Mobile Security thing. It’s an impressive little app and you can pair it with Safari for making your browsing experience as safe as possible.

Some major features that you can get to enjoy with Trend Micro Mobile Security include:

  • Ensuring safety of the Safari web browser on iPhone
  • Alerts for any possible malicious apps or websites that you may want to run on your iPhone
  • Managing data usage and monthly costs that you have to bear
  • Contacts backup for moving them to new device whenever neede
  1. VirusDetector Pro

Another best free antivirus for iPhone, VirusDetector Pro gives you all the security you need for your iPhone. Some of the features it has to offer include:

  • Recording apps and websites that are considered safe for use on your iPhone
  • Scanning Google Docs and Dropbox files for ensuring everything you get is free of any viruses
  • Scanning stuff you may want to send to your contacts on iPhone for ensuring that whatever you are sending is not infected by any viruses
  1. Protection For iPhone

It’s an antivirus app for iPhone from Byte Labs that offers some great protection features for your device. The app comes with in-app purchases and, despite the fact that it’s a free app, you can also buy monthly subscription for $9.99.The subscription auto-renews every month until you choose to revoke.

Coming to the features, Protection for iPhone allows you to:

  • Scan for any malicious apps and websites
  • Block any malicious apps and websites, browsers and trackers
  • Stay alert of any security issues that may arise
  1. F-Secure Safe

F-secure Safe is another free antivirus for iPad and iPhone that you can download to your device. The app comes with in-app purchases, however, which can give you access to some added features. A great thing about this app is that you can use it in different languages which make things easier for browsing through the app features. It also gives you some child safety features as well to ensure that your device remains friendly for child use as well.

Some of the top features of F-Secure Safe include:

  • Making it safe to explore the internet by scanning the browser
  • Allowing users to find safest banking sites and accessing them easily
  • Kids-friendly features which restricts your kids to browse sites and apps that are not good for the kids
  1. Virus Barrier

The last on the list is Virus Barrier which is more of an all rounder and probably a must-have for every iPhone to ensure security. There’s a Mac and Windows version available as well. It scans your iPhone to detect and get rid of any malicious programs that might have made it into your device somehow. Besides, it keeps track of your device’s security and keeps it safe from any malware and viruses once you have installed the app on your device. It’s a paid antivirus app but still quite affordable as you only have to pay $1 to buy the app.

So, if you are interested in downloading a free antivirus for iPad or iPhone, you have an entire list above with each antivirus option described with all its features. All these are the best antivirus apps for iPhone and it’s up to you that which one you’d like to go with considering all the individual features each app has to offer. Just go through them and make a pick for keeping your iPhone safe and secure.

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