Vimble S Smartphone Gimbal (video)

 smartphone gimbal

Smartphone photographers searching for a a way to capture smooth video footage may be interested in a new smartphone gimbal called the Vimble S which has been created by DelTron Intelligence Technology.

The Vimble S has been created to offer an affordable smartphone stabiliser that allows anyone to create smooth and professional video footage. Watch the promotional video below to learn more.

Vimble S is the gimbal for your mobile phone. It is an intelligent monopod that keeps your phone stable no matter how much you move your hands, even when you are walking or on a skateboard. No longer do you need fancy, expensive equipment to create seamless videos and photos; professional, quality content is at your fingertips with just your smartphone and a Vimble S. With our dedication, we spared no effort to ensure a user-friendly and ergonomic experience.

Moreover, to ensure the product quality and supply, we’ve partnered with Feiyu Tech, a leading gimbal manufacturer, to produce a user-friendly, ergonomic experience. We want to keep the best of our memory by recording, documenting and taking photos. Your child’s first piano performance, first family gathering, wedding and many and many adventures that you want to tell the world.

Visit the Kickstarter website via the link below to make a pledge in the law about this affordable smartphone gimbal.

Source: Kickstarter

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